VST Plugins for Tribal Dubstep

17 Mar 2015

VST Plugins for Tribal Dubstep

17 Mar 2015:

Dubstep is a very “electronic” sounding music. In fact Dubstep is the brainchild of hard electro music and heavy Drum and Bass. There is this “grungie” feel to the entire genre and by implementing tribal sounds into the mix you will begin to play around with sounds of old and mix them with sounds of new.

You can make an awesome Dubstep Sample or even a longer sequence you can use when transitioning to new tracks. The good thing about tribal VST plugins is that it meshes perfectly with the electronic nature of Dubstep.


What type of Tribal VST Plugins should I use?

The real answer to this question is; “whatever works” but for the sake of argument I’ll begin to outline some of the basic tribal sounds that will mesh well with Dubstep.

Didgeridoo plugin – While you can actually make a didgeridoo effect with the plugins you have available right now the best thing is to get a pre-made didgeridoo plugin. This instrument goes incredibly well with the bass and in some cases could be the Wobble you have been looking for. The good thing about a Didgeridoo is that it has a wide range of sounds and already has this “eerie” vibe to it.

Darabuke – This Middle Eastern drum is almost like your snare drum except it has a much wider range of sounds and a wonderful bass note. If you have the pleasure of owning one of these drums you’ll know just how awesome it is and I strongly suggest making a Dubstep Sample to have around. If you don’t have the analogue instrument get your hands on a few loops or a plugin and use your trigger finger to make unique drum solos.

Djembe – The djembe is also used in this instance a solo drum within the mix. I have used a Djembe in the past to make DnB beats since a Djembe can actually produce more than 1000 distinct sounds. I personally love the fusion of analogue with electro and using a Djembe is definitely something that might interest you.

Sitar – This Indian instrument is absolutely awesome for adding this mystical element to your Dubstep. I absolutely love the sound of a sitar with a thick wobble bass. Also by adding in some dark FX into the sitar mix you’ll be able to pull of some howls that will definitely blow your mind. I might just have an infatuation with the sound of a sitar but it does work exceptionally well with Dubstep.

Kalimba – A Kalimba is a finger piano and has a weird metallic clicky sound to it. But when you use it with a nice sequence of beats to it, a new dimension is added to your dubstep mix. It’s almost hidden to the ear but the presence cannot be ignored. Although you won’t be able to put it into every song you produce you can use certain elements of a kalimba to increase the motif of a certain section.

Dubstep is about experimentation, it’s about pushing the boundaries and making music that doesn’t just make you want to get up and do parkour, but also does something on a very subtle almost sublime level. Using Tribal plugins will help you break through the dimensions and you can add a signature to the genre that will always be identified with your unique arrangement of analogue and electronic.