Career Options with a Diploma of Accounting

02 May 2019

Career Options with a Diploma of Accounting

02 May 2019:

When it comes to career choices, people are usually more focused on life after university than the study itself. The main process which is getting the education and hands-on practice is the most important thing and while getting an education is important, it is not until much later when you are in the field that you fully understand what you are in for. So, let us talk about the kind of career you can expect to be in with a diploma in accounting.

First of all, let us do away with the cliché statement that accounting is for nerds. Well, granted, you do have to have a basic understanding of math but at the same time, you also need to be avid about the discipline. This is the first rule of getting a diploma in anything. If you do not have passion in your career, then you are just going to be a depressed pencil pusher and no one wants a lifetime doing something they don’t like.

The other thing to have in mind is that you have more than just one option with a accounting diploma. Many people expect to only have book keeping as a career but the truth is that an education in accounting opens you up to more options than simply accounting for a business financial transactions and balancing accounts.

Accountants are well-known for their proficiency with numbers and it is no secret that the profession itself is highly regarded. What's more, a lot of people don't know that it could take less than a year (12 months) to become a qualified accountant, and you could even earn your diploma of accounting online by taking one of the courses found on this website which makes the accounting profession even more attractive.

Financial service management.

A financial services manager is the most superior member in a business finance team. A person in this position is solely responsible in making sure that the performance of the financial institution in any business setting meets the proposed expectation. Since this is a supervisory role, you would need to monitor the work force and schedule shifts for the team.

Tax agent.

Regardless of where you come from, tax agents all have the same job description. They collect information relevant to the taxation process and report to the taxation authorities at various levels. They also advise managerial staff on the tax effect corporate policies may have on a business.

Accounting team supervisor.

This job is pretty self-explanatory. Accounting team supervisors oversee accounting departments by ensuring that the records are well maintained and staff audits are done on time. Supervisors generally have an overseer role.

Assistant to CFO.

This is perhaps the most prestigious job that a diploma in accounting could get you next to being a chief financial officer of course. It is a known fact that a CFO is the top most superior position in any company. CFOs run companies hand in hand with CEOs and being an assistant to a CFO means that you are in the forefront in driving the financial sector of a company. As an assistant to the CFO, you would be overseeing and reporting on the financial administrative side of the company.

The accounting industry is growing fast and if ever there was a time to jump headstrong into a career, then it is now and accounting is definitely it for you!